Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Kathy Nowrey - What Causes Cellulite and How Can You Treat It?

When you look in the mirror, you notice areas on your body that look like there is cottage cheese hanging out under your skin. While you have always tried to eat right and exercise, there is no doubt in your mind that you have a slight cellulite problem. Although cellulite can look unsightly, it is not something that is harmful to your health and can be treated with the help of a licensed aesthetician like Kathy Nowrey.

While the appearance of cellulite on your body is not a sole indicator of being overweight, the more pounds you are carrying the more visual cellulite can become. Unfortunately for women, cellulite is more common for them than men, and if you have a family history of cellulite, then you are more likely to develop cellulite yourself.  Being overweight isn’t the only reason cellulite forms. You may also notice cellulite accumulation if you have a poor diet, have participated in fad dieting, have a slow metabolism, are lacking daily physical activities, hormone changes, dehydration, or a high body fat percentage.

If you are looking to get rid of unwanted cellulite, there are several options you can try, although none is guaranteed to completely rid your body of cellulite on a permanent basis. There are several over-the-counter creams that you can purchase and apply at home. However, not all cellulite creams are created equal, and you may find yourself spending a lot of money and seeing little to no results. For the best treatments, you may want to schedule an appointment at your local spa. Many massages and other spa treatments, like those performed by Kathy Nowrey at her spa Harmony Wellness Center Spa, can help to reduce the look of cellulite after just one treatment.

However, if you are looking to remove the cellulite altogether, you can try liposuction, mesotherapy, or laser therapy. All are fairly effective, but they will cost you.