Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Mitigating Stress - Organization

Dealing with stress is an important part of life, especially in the fast-paced modern world that exists today. Mitigating stress has become a necessary skill we all need, in order to succeed both at work and at home. This is a result of the high speed in which stressors bombard us in our daily lives. That is why if we do not address them as they come, they threaten to completely consume us.

One of the problems many people have is that they have no clear structure in their life, which makes things spiral out of control quickly, sending their stress levels through the roof. This is a problem because with just a bit of simple preparation and organization, you could avoid many of these issues entirely. Being organized is important for many reasons, as it will often help you make correct decisions with a clear head. This is the result of a domino effect. If you start the day with a clear goal, as well as a structure and set of instructions to achieve that goal, you can accurately gauge how much progress you are making. This results in less stress and better decision making, only furthering your likelihood for success.

Being organized is a great way to relieve stress, as it prevents things from getting out of hand or seeming out of your control. If you have planned for something in advance, even something bad, you automatically feel less stressed because you have prepared for this scenario.

Kathy Nowrey is a spa owner who advocates keeping your day and your surroundings organized in order to relax better.